I Go to School Isn’t For Study

I was fussy child, I was unique child, I was sneaky child, I was spoil child. But, when I get some problem all of my characteristic can be lose with my tears. Because, I was people who always easy offended. I was the first child, I had one younger brother and one younger sister, I had parents olso. When I was sixth grade of elementary school, I said some word in my heart “ I must life in some Islamic boarding school”. So I said what I would to my parents, they were very agree and very happy, but my feeling had not very happy, I didn’t know what happened with me. I had in Islamic boarding school, the name was Darussalam Islamic Boarding School. I enjoyed overthere until third grade of junior high school, because I had so many kind friends and I had many friendship. But, when I went home, I seldom there was in my home, because from the first I stayed up in the Islamic boarding school, I didn’t have many friends in home. I always played to my friends home, who in my islamicboarding school, I dislike if I always stayed up in home, If my parents didn’t give me permit for play, I would ran away.

Some times, when I would be graduate, my father asked to me about my school,”Where will you continue your study after this? Will you move from here or will you continue here?” He said.

So long times I didn’t answer my father question. I istiharoh prayed and I asked instruction to my God. “I wiil only” I said when my father asked again.

“Where will you move?” He asked to me again.

“Up to you !!” I answer, “the important I will continue my study in an other Islamic boarding school.” I continue.

After that my father always given me some informasion about school. When I graduated I directed register my name to the Islamic boarding school that I choosed, the name was Al-Hikmah 02 islamic dormitory. When I was being register, the register committee asked to me “What the ekstrakulikuler will you choose?”. She told what the ekstrakulikuler must I choosed, I choosed English ekstrakulikuler. So, when I would register to the school, I got some choice of programme in the school. My father instructed me to choose MAK programme. But, when Mr Jamil said “if will you choose MAK programme, you must study for fours years here, and you coyldn’t choose some ekstrakulikuler”.

“I don’t want” I said.

So, I choosed IPS programme, because I very like accountancy lesson, but Mr Jamil instructed me to try following test for enter to IPA programme, my father was agree with Mr Jamil’s argument. The first I said “I don’t want”, but Mr Jamil always given time a good argument until I said “ I want to follow”. And than, I got a question that seem with the register committee dormitory given to me. Before I knew, I would choose computer ekstrakulikuler, but Mr Jamil explained to me about ekstrakulikuler, if in dormitory and in the school was seem. Finally, I choosed English ekstrakulikuler. After I followed all test, I could enter all programme and ekstrakulikuler that I choosed, I was very happy.

Days after days, months after months, years after years, I had been overcome, with my fussy decreased, and my heart was getting sicks from first I entered this dormitory, I was second grade of senior high school. I always thought about my life, about my father how chouldn’t he near with me, and about my mother who was getting sicks until they forgot to give me more attention. I felt, I was not fussy here, because I felt inner pressure in my self. I just felt if my parents less attention me, my father was busy people, and mother was getting sicks.

From that think, I can give the conclusion. I know if from the first I stay up in Islamic boarding school until now, my want isn’t for study but just want look for more attentions from the friend who cen give me attention and look for many friens. But, here I don’t get that I want, I just get many bodis friens, I don’t get them attention. I hope they can give attention to me, isn’t attention look for my mistake, but look for what my problem and they can help me.


I need friens who know my feeling. I miss him who can kmow my feeling. Give him to me please oh my God,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry !!! my Parents, if I go to school isn’t for study

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